Counselling that works for individuals, couples and families

Counselling, Art/Expressive Therapies, Hypnotherapy:

This is a unique combination to help individuals, couples and families to build loving relationships. It is an effective, integrated method combining rational and intuition. It is a creative way to understand yourself and to bring lasting change.

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Counselling and transforming strategies to help overcome life's challenges and achieving sucess:

Build loving relationships
Career Counselling
Overcome Grief and Loss
Alleviate Depression
Master Fear & Anxiety
Lifestyle Changes
Health Counselling
Stress Management
Weight Loss
Quit Smoking

Art/Expressive Therapies, Hypnotherapy:

Are verbal and non-verbal techniques that help you explore and communicate feelings and enabling you to transform negative experiences and trauma. Techniques include, or you can choose from:

Hypnosis – is the bypass of the critical faculty
Sandplay Therapy
Painting Therapy
Clay Therapy
Play Therapy
Sound Therapy
Movement Therapy

All sessions are directed by the client's needs.

$ 120.00 for a 1 hour session
If you book and pay for 3 sessions only $ 330.00.
Private health insurance rebates available

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About Us

C + A Counselling has evolved from a need for counselling services due to the ever increasing pace of our lifestyles.

Appointments are flexible and can be made during your lunch break, as well as before or after work. Please call us on 0402 216 775 to arrange an appointment.

About the practitioner

Eliane Mathiuet

Eliane is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Expressive and Artistic Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Lecturer, and Supervisor for counselling students.

Eliane runs regular workshops on "Keeping Healthy Boundaries". She has over 20 years experience working with individuals, couples, families, professionals, teenagers and children. She is proficient in Sandplay Therapy using Symbols, Clay Therapy, Expressive and Artistic Therapies, as well as Hypnotherapy.

Her particular interest is in helping Individuals, Couples and Families deal with a range of emotional challenges associated with their healing journey. Trained in the specialised field of Counselling, Expressive and Artistic Therapies and Hypnotherapy she uses her skills and experience to inspire and support others on their path to wellbeing.


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Counselling, Art/Expressive Therapies, Hypnotherapy

Creating a flourishing life.

This unique combination is an effective, integrated method combining cognition and intuition. It is a creative way to understand yourself and to bring lasting change.

Counselling with this unique method will help in stressful life situations where there is a need for adaptation to changing circumstances. Difficult experiences will be treated in different ways, with verbal strategies and non-verbal techniques. Each client is treated as a unique individual and each session is tailored around the presenting circumstances.

All sessions are directed by the client’s needs.

Build Loving Relationships

Experiential processes are used to uncover and heal behaviour patterns laid down early in life that are stopping you reach your potential NOW.

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Couple Counselling

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Overcome Grief & Loss

Intense emotions are a normal part of mourning. It is important to grieve and honour what is lost. Expressing these feelings will help you renew your inner strength.

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Alleviate Depression

Irregular sleeping & eating habits, lack of motivation, loss of self-esteem, and low energy levels can be symptoms of depression. Recognising and working with these debilitating symptoms will help you transform them.

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Master Fear & Anxiety

Identify where your fear originates and learn skills to understand and overcome it.

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Stress Management

Uncertainty in the workplace, or any other stress related situation. Supporting you and your family by helping with a healthy daily routine on all different levels to create a harmonious family life.

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Health Counselling and Lifestyle Changes

Strategies for managing stress arising from illness, cancer treatment, or any other sudden life changing situations.

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Hypnosis – is the bypass of the critical faculty, a usefull tool towards personal change.

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Artistic and Expressive Therapies

Verbal and non-verbal techniques that help you explore and communicate feelings, enabling you to transform negative experiences and trauma. These might include colour, sound, gesture and simple movement.

We use the following techniques:

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Children and Adolescents

Artistic therapies are effective and beneficial for children and adolescents. Self-esteem and personal dignity can be built up through an expressive process.

Artistic Therapies are a creative way to develop social and emotional well being. Children and adolescents with behavioural challenges or intellectual blockages can express themselves more freely through non-verbal communication. Through this new awareness the counsellor can introduce behaviour strategies that will help the whole family.

Children and young adults can learn to be confident and to function competently, therefore reaching their full potential: they don’t need to be the bully or the victim anymore.

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